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Our Favourite Instagram Accounts for The Coolest Shoes

Instagram is a massive social platform – in fact, not only is it incredibly popular domestically in the United States, but BrandWatch posted an article back in 2016 with the incredibly eye-opening statistic that 75% of IG users are based elsewhere in the world. This means that for many people starting out, it might be a very good idea to buy Instagram views online.

With well over 40 billion uploads, it can make it hard to find what you’re looking for. The number of accounts and brands using the app is incredible, and some of them have an enormous presence. For example, National Geographic has well over 48 million followers! This is especially true if you’re trying to narrow your search down to a specific niche such as awesome footwear.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this list of our favourite Instagram accounts for sharing the coolest footwear.


The Coveteur is a website which focuses on tasteful and subtle fashion trends. Every day, they upload a batch of photos showcasing some of their coolest discoveries. Their choices for footwear often focus on low-key, and often pseudo-vintage finds.

They don’t specifically post images of shoes, but when they do they’re often of the variety that you would see at a high-class reception; they’re exquisitely crafted, use the finest materials, and can compliment just about any outfit.


Ronny Fieg is a particularly interesting character. When he’s not living a life of luxury, jetting off to incredibly destinations and posting about it on Instagram, he can be found working hard on the shop he owns or designing for brands like Puma, New Balance, and Adidas.

His Instagram account is a treasure trove of awesome sportswear and unique sneakers. His use of light filters provides his shots with a vintage and nostalgic feel.


“Glasgow Rob”, as he is known, is a self-defined “New Balance Obsessive”. His endless feed often features shots of his incredibly large collection of the brand’s footwear (which was the ‘sole’ star of a dedicated New Balance exhibition he put on in Glasgow, Scotland).

His use of unique photography angles, his vast collection of products, and his good sense of humour mean that he’s well worth checking out if you want to see how a true Instagram shoe OG does things.


Victor Kan works directly with Ronny Fieg who we mentioned above. Together, they’re responsible for designing the KITH brand, which has seen some of the most innovative fashion statements in recent years.

If you’re looking for great pics of classic Nikes, Aasics, and Adidas shoes, you should check out his Instagram feed.


Dylan Ratner is unique in that his obsession for Air Jordan’s borders on the absolutely insane. In fact, his collection spans well over 30 years, and is an almost complete collection of both adult and child-sized models. He also possesses a pair of the original Air Jordan IIIs, as well as some rare sample shoes that never made it into mass production.

If you’re into Jordans, following his Instagram feed is an absolute must.

While there are an endless amount of awesome IG accounts showcasing some of the trendiest shoes on the market, we’ve done our best to provide you with a handful of our favourites to get you started. Keep checking back for more great content!

New Balance Models for Everyday Use

New Balance Lifestyle Fall/Winter 2015, Aspen, CO

When you’re on your feet all day, their comfort should be of the utmost importance to you if you want to stay healthy and happy. Whether you’re exploring your home town, on vacation far away, or taking a casual stroll through the woods, your feet can be your best friend or your worst enemy! But don’t underestimate the importance of some stylish kicks to keep you feeling hip and fun!  New Balance has shoes for every shape and size of foot in a rainbow of styles.  Form, function, and fashion are make New Balance shoes a kick above the competition!

Men’s New Balance MO1520GT

This highly versatile multi-sport shoe was designed for a wide range of outdoor activities and is even great when you’re shopping for other essential outdoor gear! The earthy brown color will make you feel right at home in the woods, and the bright orange accents will give you just the pop of style you need to feel fashionable when you’re out for a casual dinner with a friend or on that special first date with someone you’ve just met. The lightweight suede and mesh materials make for a breathable shoe that is great is all seasons. The C-Cap midsole provides major comfort whether you’re on the trail or hopping through the stores downtown!

Women’s New Balance WO1520GR

Women these days are always on the go! Whether they’re shopping for the perfect comfortable shoes-wait! Here they are! The Women’s New Balance WO1520GR is a completely stunning alternative to those uncomfortable flats or pumps. The natural comfort, durability, and breath-ability of the split suede is evident while you’re cruising the mall or walking the dog. These shoes are a beautiful deep brown that is sure to compliment any earth tone outfit in your closet. They are accented with a lovely blue stripe which is a feminine and eye catching color. The stability web delivers midfoot support and reduces the weight of the shoe, leaving your legs as light and carefree as your mind. The Women’s New Balance WO1520GR also boats a Vibram sole which makes it amazing for some light hiking through the woods on a beautiful summer day.

Men’s New Balance MO851GR

These black sneakers are a shoe that makean “I’m tough and also have great taste” statement! The yellow accents add a punch of contrast that truly make this a great looking sneaker without being overly flashy. Great for runs in all weather, the water-resistant Suede and Mesh material helps keep feet dry in inclement weather. So if you’re jogging, hiking or just not sure if its going to rain while you’re out looking for that new flat screen TV, these shoes are the way to go! The Men’s New Balance MO851GR also boats Abzorb cushioning in both the heel and forefoot for exceptional shock absorption. These shoes will let you perform in any situation, and keep you looking stylish while you do it.

Women’s New Balance WR993BK

A shoe that is both comfortable and adorable? That’s not easy to find! Good thing New Balance has got you covered with the Women’s New Balance WR993BK. Coming in a super sharp all black design, these sneakers will give your jeans and t-shirt look the hip splash it needed. Happily kick your butt into gear for shopping, dog walking or grabbing lunch with your girlfriends in these comfy and fun sneakers! A stunning classic, this shoe features Abzorb SBS cushioning in the forefoot, and Abzorb DTS cushioning in the heel as well as an ENCAP. This shoe will keep you comfortable though that all day wardrobe update and beyond!

Men’s New Balance MW977GT

For the mountain man who wants to put style into his every day routine New Blance has the perfect pair of boots! A rugged mid cut boot that can easily take you from trail to street corner, this shoe has got it all. Built with Gore-Tex, these are waterproof and ready to take you romping in rivers or slopping through city street puddles. The mid cut style gives you some heel stability for those unreliable and rocky trails. It also doubles to keep your feet as warm as can be on those chilly city treks.  A refreshing deep brown, the Men’s New Balance MW977GT puts you right at home when you’re in the woods, and brings to the woods to the city when you leave t

BeautiFeel Shoes That Look Amazing and Feel Fabulous

55BeautiFeel Shoes is a company that believes in shoes that don’t just look good, but feel good too. It’s a concept that many shoe companies have long since abandoned, trading comfort for higher than high heels and fashionable styles. Celebrities might be able to hop in and out of their chauffeured cars in six inch stilettos, but for us normal folks, who have to get to work and purchase our own groceries and often, walk from one place to another, such shoes simply aren’t practical. Sure, they might look nice, but when you can’t walk in your shoes, there’s no point.

That’s where BeautiFeel shoes come in – they’ll help you get from point A to point B – and look good while doing it! With soft leather uppers and leather-lined, cushioned foot beds, along with latex rubber outsoles, these shoes have amazing shock absorption and are extremely comfortable.

Looking for a great summer sandal? Consider the Corsica sandal, which perfectly melds style with function. This great sandal offers a full heel to toe patented foam foot bed, which is anatomically contoured to help stabilize your arch while reducing the shock. The foam in this sandal is memory foam, ensuring that the material that cushions and protects your feet never flattens or loses support. The uppers of this gorgeous golden sandal are constructed of high quality calfskin leathers that are soft, stylish and best of all, durable. This a shoe that will stand the test of time.

All models from BeautiFeel shoes are fully leather-lined, and hence, moisture is wicked out of the shoe to keep feet dry, comfortable, and odor free. The outsole of the Corsica sandal is anti-slip and is constructed from latex rubber. An all-natural material, the outsole is flexible and sturdy for day use and retains its cushioning properties better than other types of shoes. Best of all, these shoes are stylish! Pair them with a summery white sundress and let the fun begin.

If gold is a bit too much for you, consider a more basic black sandal – the Destiny. This gorgeous black sandal features an ankle strap for support and a chic leather rosette on the front strap. Like the Corsica, this gorgeous and classy sandal offers a full heel to toe patented foam footbed, which is anatomically contoured to help stabilize your arch while reducing the shock. The foam in this sandal is memory foam, as in the Corsica, for long lasting support and comfort. The uppers of this sandal are constructed of calfskin leathers that are soft, stylish and best of all, durable.

The ankle strap on the Destiny has been constructed to be anatomically correct and hence, helps to hold the mid foot and the heel while allowing for the nature movement of the toes. It’s comfort, re-envisioned.

If you’re looking for something more fun than the Destiny, and you need some extra lift in the height department, consider the Alba shoe. Like actress Jessica Alba, this shoe is beautiful and slightly edgy, with a small heel and some serious leopard print on the front strap of the sandal. Made in Israel, this chic shoe is perfect for traveling and long days at the office.

While giving you a bit of extra height, this suede and patent leather pair of sandals also boasts some serious style, so you can give the other girls at the office a run for their money! This summer shoe boasts the same great quality calfskin leathers as the other shoes in the collection, as well as full heel to toe patented foam foot beds to stabilize the arch. This is especially helpful for heels, which are by nature less stable than the average shoe.

Come fall, trade in your sandals for the Maya, a chic ankle bootie that’s cut low and boasts a high but walkable heel. The Maya is a black ankle bootie that boasts a natural latex sole which acts as a shock absorber and gives the shoe both flexibility and durability. The well-proportioned heel is covered in leather for anti-slip protection, and a patented foam insole provides additional shock absorption. Even if you have to walk many miles, these shoes will feel comfortable by the end of the day. If you’re looking for comfort and style, these shoes are for you.

BeautiFeel shoes are a unique option in footwear that use high quality materials as well as cutting edge design to provide you with the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience possible. Consider these standout models as well as their wide line of versatile footwear when you feel the urge to add another exceptional pair of shoes, sandals or boots to your collection.

The Best Walking Shoes For Men

53There are many different style options of shoes for men who like to live their domestic lives in rubber shoes. Men’s ankle boots are available under various brands. These ankle boots have the ability to keep you fully relaxed. These boots look good in black or brown leather. However, the boots are particularly beautiful in brown suede. These men’s boots combine the occasional elegance with a unique look that can go gently casual. These boots are very easy to slip on, presenting no problems for wearing, thanks to its double-sided goring and pull tab. They have a perfect casual look that doesn’t look sloppy or sneakerish. These are available in black or beige, or green tones with washed leather uppers and soles of shoes are made from recycled tires. These are eco-friendly sneakers.

What are the best summer walking shoes for men? Well, it depends on your liking. There are two basic preferences for summer shoes that will determine what kind of shoes should suit a man if he wants it to be a walking boot as well. Decide if you want a shoe that opens like a sandals or flip-flop or if you prefer to have a fully covered, like tennis shoes. This is an important decision to purchase shoes and determine what the best shoe for summer walks is for you or for the man you are buying it.

If you like the open face style sandals or flip-flop, and after all, it is summer, then you should go for Birkenstock Born sandal. These sandals have great arch support (and are particularly useful for those suffering from fascistic feet). They are also very open, so the foot can breathe and perspire. Nor is it necessary to use socks. These sandals from Birkenstock Born make beautiful summer shoes. I recommend getting a sandal that buckles around your feet such as dowels, so this way you will be able to walk better without any worry of sandals / shoes slipping or falling. They remain firmly planted on your feet and allow you to do whatever you may be doing with your walking shoes.

If you like the tennis shoe or the narrow summer basketball walking shoes, then I recommend a shoe Nike or New Balance. Your preference will depend on your foot type. Personally, I like Nike better. I prefer Shox models because they have an extra spring. Make sure you get a neutral cushion shoe so you can have lots of cushion and you have some breath ability offered by the outer mesh. You’ll find that if you buy last year’s model, you can get relatively very cheap shoes.

I hope this article helped you determine what type of shoes you want. These makes are not offering me money to write for them, but I have owned and tried many types of shoes and am always looking for comfort. Well these shoes can be slightly expensive, but will last longer and prove to be the best walking shoes for men.

Womens Designer Shoes

52We place quite a bit of importance on our shoes these days. At one time in the long ago past, shoes were meant to protect our feet. Today, they are made to make a statement! Our shoes are a big part of our wardrobe. They can make or break an outfit, and womens designer shoes are all the rage. Womens designer shoes, however, are quite expensive! Are they worth it?

For most women, the answer to that question comes in three forms – yes, no, or sometimes. Now, keeping in mind that these designer shoes can cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, the way a woman answers that question says quite a bit about her. If she says yes, that designer shoes are worth every penny, then this means that style and fashion are high on her list of priorities.

If she says sometimes, it means that in most cases, they are not worth it, but for special occasions – she is willing to pay the price. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she believes they are worth those outrageous prices – it just means that she is sometimes willing to pay it. If she says no, this simply means that she is price conscientious and she believes that she should get value and durability for her money. The majority of women, believe it or not, fall into that last category, and they don’t believe that designer shoes are worth the price tags that accompany them.

Designer shoes are indeed beautiful – in most cases. There is also quite a bit of prestige in wearing shoes that were designed by famous design houses – when a woman is wearing designer shoes, other women – and often men – sit up and take notice. However, that is pretty much where the value of a designer shoe ends.

Looking from a durability standpoint, designer shoes are not sturdy in their construction. Can you imagine paying five hundred or more dollars for a pair of shoes, only to have the ankle strap break the first time you wear them? Can you see yourself walking along a wet sidewalk after a light rain, in $1200 shoes that have the sole disintegrating as you walk? Most women simply are not willing to pay that kind of money for one pair of shoes – no matter whose name is stamped on them!

What about protection. Remember, shoes were originally designed to protect our feet. Today’s designer shoes do nothing to protect the feet. It seems that the less shoe there is, the higher the price is – and among the fashion conscientious crowd, the more the shoe is in demand. Have you seen some of the designer shoes lately? Have you wondered how they stay on the foot?!? There is little or no protection, and in fact, the way some of those designer shoes are designed, there is not only no protection, there is also danger involved when wearing them!

Are designer shoes comfortable? Comfort has never played a role in fashion. No, in most cases, they are extremely uncomfortable. What about support? There is no support in most designer shoes – unless they are designer sneakers. Many models literally ruin their feet over the course of time – modeling designer shoes!

But because each woman has her own unique style, and her own priorities, designer shoes are well worth the money to a select few – these are the women who can not only afford to pay the prices, but are also very interested in wearing the latest fashions – designed by the most famous designers.

What many people don’t realize though is that these women are not in the majority of women – these women are actually few and far between. Most women would not dream of paying more than $100 for a good pair of shoes – others wouldn’t dream of paying more than $50, and some even refuse to pay more than $25! Where do you stand on womens design